Practical solutions to complex emergencies

Fred Cuny in Northern Iraq
Photo source:  Online Ethics Center for Engineering, National Academy of Engineering 

When war, famine, or earthquakes strike, the world community often responds with an outpouring of financial and human resources. Contrary to the intention, too often the use of these resources impedes recovery and causes economic hardship and political turmoil. The Cuny Center seeks to identify the best strategies, practices, and approaches that lead instead towards the reconstruction of a society better prepared to prevent, mitigate and respond to future crises.

The Cuny Center is a non profit research and educational institute that studies and develops practical solutions to address the needs of societies affected by disasters and complex emergencies. The Center was founded as the Intertect Institute in 1987 by Fred Cuny and later became the Center for the Study of Societies in Crisis. In 2000, the name was changed to The Cuny Center to honor its founder who disappeared in Chechnya in 1995.